Mr. Men & Save the Children!

I’m sure if you are a regular on Twitter you will not have missed the news that Christine Mosler is going to Mozambique next week-end. Why should you need to know that I hear you say? Well it isn’t for a holiday although she may well need one when she gets back!

She is going with Save the Children as part of their campaign ‘No Child Born to Die’. The aim of the trip apart from seeing the situation for herself is to follow a vaccine. A staggering one in five children world wide do not receive any vaccinations against all those illness we consider to be part of childhood that we here in the UK protect against.

Something that was a ‘Duh!’ moment for me was when I realized that the vaccine has to be kept cold & of course Africa is hot! So Chris will see all the inventiveness to keep those precious vials cold so that they can do their magic when injected into little arms.

As part of the awareness raising Maggy over at Red Ted Art & Josie at Sleep is for the Weak have got together a great blog hop. It involves children drawing portraits of themselves either as they are now or as they hope to be. I’ve sent a plea to my schools over on the Head’s Office to get involved.

As you know by now, my ‘little one’ is 35 & does not live here anymore. However, as you also know I hate missing out on these community get-togethers so I give you 150+ portraits! This is the picture that was presented to me when I left my first headship. Those of you who know me well, will know that me & the Mr. Men are very close. The picture shows me (as a Mr Man) running an assembly looking out at all my children.

Yes, I say ‘My Children’. I know you think they are yours but while they are in school believe me for me, they were mine!

Now before I go I just want you to do something for me. There is an online petition that needs signing so that when David  Cameron meets with world leaders in June he can start to get pledges from them to help finance the campaign which hopes to provide a vaccine for every child. So SIGN THE PETITION

The tag for this project is #passiton so do Pass It On! You can also follow @MrVaccine (who is the ACTUAL vaccine!) as well as @savethechildrenpr

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