Me – Versatile? Nah!

Christmas has come early to this blog because I have been given a couple of awards! How marvelous is that? This first one was given to me by two folks so that is really flattering! It is the Versitle Blogger Award and is for bloggers that readers enjoy! Sounds simple but it is really wonderful to be recognized like that.

As with all awards, there are rules. These are:

Rule One:

To name those who nominated you. That is easy – thank you to Jacqui Murray over at ‘Word Dreams’.  This is her ‘writers blog’ where she is developing her skills and talents as a writer. She DOES have a novel in her. She has also got a great blog for schools and teachers called ‘Ask a Tech Teacher’ where she shares all sorts of hints and tips on internet use and the IT curriculum. The other blogger to nominate me is Claudia over at ‘Brain Caviar’   which was started to share her Post A Day Challenge. She has a wonderful way of looking at the world!

Rule Two:

Tell the world something about yourself. It was supposed to be seven things but you will already know these things HERE so I’m just going to write a few:

  •  Since getting older, I like pink! Ridiculous really but it does brighten the day
  • I like tea very much but again, in recent years it is coffee that I need. You will be pleased to know that both are decaffeinated!
  • I’m not good in my own company for too long. The conversation gets boring!
  • Autumn is my favourite season.
  • When it comes to Christmas, I really enjoy the few days leading up to the day rather than the days itself I think. It’s all about anticipation!

Rule Three:

Nominate some other bloggers for the award and get them to put the award on their blogs for the world to see! Well my year has been very focused on the two 100 Word Challenges so I am going to give this award to blogs I have met through them

The Fabulous 6Ds Blog This is the blog of Year 6 at High Lawn School in Bolton. Cherise Duxbury is one of the most innovative teachers I have had the pleasure to meet and the class blog has allsorts of wonderful things on it!

Fragments from Fireflyphil  is the blog of Phil S who has entertained me with his writing, his photography and his ‘What is This?’ competition.

Midlife SingleMum  who is Rachel Selby over in Israel. She is such a supporter of the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups, I’ve had to have an early bath on Mondays!

Brink of Bedlam  is where you will find Kay Wilkinson sharing her life which as her tagline tells us is balanced precariously on the edge

Year 5 Brunswick House  shares some very imaginative work from the children. Michelle Braysford their teacher really uses this space to show case the great work the children do.

There are so many more and I apologize to those I have not listed but you know who you are! Do visit those listed and if you know a blogger who needs recognition please give them the award!

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