Last Week I Learnt That…#9

  • Manufacturers set challenges to test the suitability of their customers to use their products. What am I talking about? Packaging! I had the misfortune to buy some toothbrushes and it took me AGES to get the blasted things out! There was no arrow saying open /pull here. There was no perforation to give you a fighting chance! Instead there was double thick plastic moulded especially to prevent fingers gripping it to ease it away from the virtual corrugated cardboard it was cemented to! After too much time and language that turned the air blue, we now have a ink and a blue (yes – corny but true!) brand new brushes for our teeth. I have threatened hubby with severe sanctions if he brushes in too vigorously and needs a replacement for at least 3 years!!Last Week I Learnt That...#9
  • Mother Nature has a wonderful palette of colours. I know there was great excitement when red kites were seen along the M4 corridor. We passed under one and my goodness –they are RED
  • My fingers have got fat! No, don’t laugh – we have a new keyboard for the PC and my spelling has become atrocious and I keep WRITING IN CAPITALS! These can be linked to the fingers. Others such as – because, story, post – I have to blame on an ageing brain. Thank goodness for spell check!
  • Children get under your skin. Despite being incredibly busy and not needing to do it I still need to comment on each post on the 100 Word Challenge. It is my baby and it is now growing as babies do. In growth terms I suspect we have reached toddler stage – into everything and causing chaos! It is averaging 150 entries each week which is fabulous. So much good will from teachers and such creativity from the children. The only down side is that they do post them a few hours before the link closes and I feel duty bound to comment before the next prompt is posted. For those of you that have no idea what I’m talking about, do visit the Head’s Office and find out!
  • The recovery of our economy can be compared to decorating a room!! Let me explain. When you undertake decorating a room, there is a great deal of preparation beforehand. You have to rub down the paint work. You may have to make repairs to skirting boards or sills. You then have to prepare walls either for paint or wallpaper. If the latter, you have to measure, cut, paste then hang. If you are painting you need at least two coats. All of this work before you can see that anything has been done. Well, we are right at the beginning of the preparation sages as far as the economy is concerned. ‘Here ends the lesson from hubby!’
So, have you any words of wisdom to share with us from your PAST WEEK? ? 

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