Last Week I Learnt That…#6

  • Human body decides when enough is enough. You keep going but you know that you are too tired really. The body then puts in measures to make you stop. That maybe a terrific headache, or a fit of sneezes that resemble a cold. Once she has had her instructions followed and you have rested, then you can start again on the treadmill you have set for yourself. That is – until the next time!
  • Never believe what the Government says. That must be fairly obvious I suppose whatever party you support. However, at the Pupil Referral Unit where I’m Chair of the Management Committee, we were getting really excited about having our own budget and the autonomy that gives a school. Sadly, it has been delayed for a year so we will have to wait to be our own bosses.
  • Family get-togethers bring back memories. We have just spent the week-end with brother –in-law. He has always wanted to spend some time with his brother re-visiting their childhood home. It was really planned in detail by hubby but then of course BiL arrives with his own itinerary! He is a fanatical train spotter so among the things on his list were ‘the level crossing’ and the ‘junction box’. There will be a fuller post later in the week.
  • You can only help someone who wants help.
  • The weather has a mind of its own! Just when I have sorted out my clothes for the change of season – it doesn’t. I hate that change-over period but once I’ve put away the flimsy clothes, I expect to be able to wear the woollies and cardigans. The smiles on the face of the weather man as he says ‘Next week we can expect temperatures up to 83 degrees’ make me sigh!
  • Not all mobile technology is! I have a netbook and a dongle. That is like a memory stick which is supposed to give me access to the internet whilst I’m travelling. The trouble is, it is so intermittent that it is stressful ( back to the first point!!)
  • The internet can be wonderful place! I was able to Skype with a whole school during their assembly and that was brilliant. I have also been subjected to the most wonderful, complimentary tweets this week. All of which have put a smile on my face!

How’s the past week treated you? Have you changed for the new season?

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  • I’m hearing from other bloggers in England of the unseasonably warm temperatures–same here, Julia. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about it. I’m just tired–and like your opening paragraph says, “Enough is enough!”

  • That first one is a doozy! I’ve learned it myself through insomnia that only recently has begun to abate. My past week has brought happy times with my sister and my daughter for my birthday, but also worries about the future. Up and down describes it well.

  • I am still amazed by what stress can to to the human body. It is not a state of being it likes for too long!


  • Hi Julia! Just stumbled on your blog because I was looking for other “retirees” or “near retirees” who blog, especially if they are creative writers. I think women in our category have fabulous stories to tell, and we have so much to offer like, “you can only help someone who wants help.” I’m trying to do the same thing, only via humor. All the best with your writing! From: A kindred storyteller.

  • “You can only help someone who wants help.”

    This can be one of the most useful insights ever, since another rule of life is that no one ever has enough energy to do everything.

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