Last Week I Learnt That…#5

  • The internet is like a car in so much as when they are working they can make life simple, fast and happy. When they are not working they create the most awful stress. I have dongle to allow me mobile access on my netbook but even that was hard work often giving up the ghost. Now I’m supposed to be a retired lady. I dabble in the internet with my 100 Word Challenges and various memes and silliness but it shouldn’t feel as almost life threatening as it did!
  • When you are offered a courtesy car from the company fixing yourCourtesy car car, it would be best to check what you are going to be advertising! Hubby had the pleasure of driving round in this one for a day. I thought it gave him an air of intrigue. He thought he looked a prat!
  • Stress makes you fat! No, don’t chuckle – it’s official! As you know hubby has had to watch his weight because of high cholesterol (Recipes for Nick). We now follow a reasonably saturated fat-free diet and not only has his cholesterol come down but he has lost lots of weight. He has never been particularly interested in fashion but we have had to buy him a complete wardrobe over the past few months. Now I’ve been following the same diet. Have I lost a pound? NO! Am I fed up about that? You bet! We have talked about the possible causes of this and bless him he thought he would go and see the lady in Boots. Between them they have decided that I’m very stressed (see above) and that would hinder any weight loss. So, I’m to try to relax and it will fall off!
  • A new handbag cheers you up especially if it is RED!
  • Finding a school place for your child can be of the most complicated, frustrating, upsetting things to go through.

How was your week? Was it full of stresses like this one was? Do share!

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  • Is this really true, Julia? The relation between stress and fat?
    Because I have been having an incredible six months of stress and the weight has steadily crept upward.
    I would like to believe it, because I am beginning to be less stressed — and maybe there is still hope for a reasonable diet and weight loss!!!!!

    (P.S. Back in the days when I could still wear frivolous shoes, it was RED shoes that could lift my spirits.)

  • Dapper G gave up cream in his coffee, butter, and cheese for the past month. He’s lost 7 lbs and I want to kick him in the shins! Seriously . . .

  • My week was complicated. Sorry I didn’t get to the 100 Word Challenge. It’s the first one I missed, but I just couldn’t fin the words. And today I dislike words. I hear you about the internet, my lack of easy access is going to lead to weight gain out of stress and the many visits to coffee shops. Sigh.

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