Last Week I Learnt That …#14

  • It never rains but it pours. As a school governor (and a chair at that at two schools) I am used to meetings and being held to account. The English schools system with its inspections can put quite a pressure on the Governing Body. Unfortunately, having two such event within a week of each other is exhausting. In one school we had HMI for two days who were seeing if we were making any progress from being judged a failing school whilst in the other the 3 year visit from Ofsted. Immersing myself in both events meant spending the full time of the inspections in the various establishment. I needed some head space though to move from one to the other!
  • Being ignored can be a shock. I think the feelings were more of confusion and disappointment. This experience has made me question a role I play and wonder if I can continue in it. I’m retired so we are not talking about changing jobs but it is a role that takes up quite a lot of my time. It is a role where I am there to support others whether they are doing well or struggling. The latter is always difficult but it is my job to fix the smile and issue a confident ‘You Can Do It’. However, I think I’m entitled to some acknowledgement from the senior leaders!Last Week I Learnt That...
  • It is essential to have a diary. With the week that I have briefly outlined here, having a diary was vital.
  • Being a fan of Gillingham Football Club is very frustrating! You think they have got the idea after playing well one day then the next, they are rubbish! Thankfully the day was not ruined as we were able to meet up with some dear friends for supper and a moan about the game!
  • Not being ignored makes you feel very special especially when you have recently experienced the opposite. I attended a gathering of other bloggers, most of them much younger and certainly much brighter in techy terms than me. However, I was there on my own terms through 100 Word Challenge and didn’t feel out of place at all.
  • Being busy can make you fat. Now I found that quite a difficult concept to agree with. I had assumed if you were busy, rushing around not having lots to eat, that the weight would fall off. Unfortunately it is the exact opposite. When you haven’t got time you are inclined to grab food to eat on the move and that is often the food that although convenient, is not good for weight loss. Your body also decides that as it hasn’t been fed in the regular way, things must be serious and puts itself into starvation mode clutching any spare fat going!

As you can see it was quite a tense week. How was your’s? Have you been ignored recently? 

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