It shouldn’t be like this!

She was a female member of the family who was in a position of trust. The job description, had there been one, would have read ‘To care for, look after, respect & encourage’. With that in mind you would expect lots of hugs, lots of ‘well done’ perhaps the odd – ‘I’m very proud of you’. But it wasn’t like that.

Her word was law. I would never dare question her. I would never dare disobey. I questioned my actions & motives. A voice would say ‘It isn’t fair’ but it would only be heard in my head & only for a short time until the other voice said ‘But it is you who are wrong’.

As the years went by I suppose it became a habit. A sort of dripping tap that I didn’t even realize needed turning off. Now she’s gone & I’ve found the scars. They are trying to raise themselves so that I can pick them & finally remove them but as we all know the first pick is OK but when it comes to full removal, it really hurts.

The voice is now saying ‘It shouldn’t be like this’. Should it?


This post is for Week #27 of Writing Workshop at Sleep is For the Weak . It is prompt 5 which simply says ‘She’.

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