Isn’t life strange?

Just over 2 years ago when I retired from headship, I gave a huge sigh of relief. Not for stopping a job that had been my passion for over 13 years; not for leaving behind all those little sponges that made upon the learning community of the school. The relief was from the end of the stress of spinning plates on very wobbly sticks!

Whether it was finance, health & safety, safeguarding, Ofsted, staff development or the curriculum, they all seemed to need my attention 24/7.

 So, I went off into the sunset with a bit of a plan. I would do some consultancy which would enable me to sharing the knowledge I had acquired, much of it at a cost to the taxpayer. I would get fit using our treadmill regularly. I would make a start reading all those classics that I had always promised myself I would read & of course I would do lunch(& coffee & afternoon tea!) with great panache!

 As those of you who visit here regularly will know I suffer from anxiety/(my demons I call it) There is nothing demons like more than a void & so they quickly rushed in once it became clear that there was quite a bit of blank paper to be filled. I found it very difficult not having anything to worry about! Honestly – each day had lots of tears & angst. Gradually though, my wonderful husband coaxed me into a routine & very slowly the black clouds turned grey.

 By May2009, my recovery was making progress – green shoots could be seen. I felt confident enough to accept my dear friend Michelle’s (@Michelle_Hill) invite to join Twitter. I now had a focus. I followed a variety of ‘genres’ of folk – writers, vicars, Stephen Fry fans & ‘mummy bloggers’. It was this last group that brought the next stage on my convalescence because they introduced me to THE BLOG!I nervously started to write & post back in March this year. Would anyone visit? Did I really have anything to say? Thanks to the weekly memes of Tara, Josie & Jenny I soon had a purpose & the number of posts grew.Out of the blue someone suggested that my ‘Tales of the Head’s Office’ should have it’s own space so began another chapter.

 I have discovered another group of firends & have found a niche – commenting. Not just on blogs of the grown ups but also those of classes in schools which promote the children’s work. They are ther next generation of bloggers & writers & they really appreciate support.

 So – in this reflective post, I come back to the title & the Moody Blues song & say – yes life is strange. In just two short years I have been on an amazing journey following a route that I did not know existed but which has brought me back to my passion of education!! I wonder where the road will take me next?

 Has life been strange with where it has taken you?

Listen to the song that inspired the title of the post by the Moody Blues

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  • Dianne Spencer

    I always enjoy reading your posts Julia. I also suffer from the demons and so it is very encouraging for me to read your post and to understand that we all have challenges to overcome. The twitter network is so very supportive. Thanks Julia.

  • I am so delighted for you at the turn out of events.
    Since letting go of being “tin control” a few years ago i’ve found that things really do have a habit of looking after themselves. So all the meticulous planning, worrying and anxiety is often wasted. An important life lesson.
    Go Mrs Julia!


  • What a nice post. I don’t why, since you regularly comment on mine, I didn’t even realize you have a blog. Looking forward to connecting further with you…

  • I always love getting your comments Julia. I bet the children do even more. Supporting others is obviously second nature to you. It’s great that you are also getting something out of it too. Life is strange but also amazing!

  • Jackie Onions

    Fascinating blog, and how you arrived at leaving the profession really strikes a chord. I am at Asst Head level in a Federation over four sites. It is a brilliant, yet very stressful job and my health is not good (diabetes) currently. I don’t want to leave as I love the thrill and the intellectual stimulation, but goodness knows how I am going to get my health on an even keel when I work the hours I do

  • Nicki

    This is just an inspirational blog and has come at a timely point when I too have been questioning things. Thank you so much for sharing such a thought provoking theme. I appreciate it.

  • Nicki

    This is just an inspirational blog and has come at a timely point when I too have been questioning things. Thank you so much

  • I love your post, it has come at a time when there seems to be a lot of un-rest in blogsville. Your blog is a healthy reminder of why it is good to blog. My life is very strange at the moment – I have just been diagnosed with a type of Leukaemia that I should be able to manage with tablets… but I am still getting my head around the whole thing. Blogging has helped me get a few things off my chest.

    • I’m glad you are having fun with blogging. That is what is should be I think! sorry to hear your news but you’re obviously a fighter! Keep in touch!

  • Lovely post Julia and interesting to hear about blogging in schools.

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