I’m SO sorry!

Dear Reader,

I have got myself into a bit of a pickle & didn’t really know what to do. Then I read ‘You Know When you Don’t Post for a While’   from Marilyn over at Soft Thistle & I decided to take a leaf out of her book & write to you all to explain!

I feel that I have been neglecting you all.

I have still been taking part in the weekly memes ( not even going to comment about all the twitter /blog venom that has been about over that topic). I pride myself on being a reasonable supporter of other blogs, always trying to comment & retweet when I can.

So, you may ask – what is the problem? Well, I haven’t been replying to your kind comments & that has made me feel awful. All the advice on growing & supporting your readership tells you that you should  reply to comments & up until a little while ago I did – all of them, every time you stopped by. Over the past month or so life has been very hectic. Now this is not an excuse. It is me explaining to you why you haven’t had those little quips & responses.

As you know I have another blog – the Head’s Office. This has really kick-started another, unexpected career for me. Through it ( & my other twitter account) I link daily with schools commenting on the work the children post. I’ve been invited to go to conferences & meetings across the country to talk about this work. It is great!

On top of that as you may know, the Head’s Office hosts a weekly item ‘100 Word Challenge’ which encourages children under 16 to write a creative piece using – you guessed it – 100 words in response to a prompt I give them. When I set it up I was hoping for 30 ish entries. Imagine my delight when the first few weeks saw 60 /106 /151 respectively! Even over the daft holidays there were an average of 50 or so entries.

I have made a commitment to comment on each of those entries. As it is children writing you would expect me to do that wouldn’t you? (BTW – some of the work is outstanding so do keep an eye on it & pop over regularly).

So can you see the pickle developing? I am  trying really hard to organize myself better. I have bought a clock with various timers to try & focus myself on the job in hand. I’m getting better but still haven’t been able to regularly get to you my dear friends to reply to your wonderful comments. This post is to let you know that I do thank you & will return to more polite ways.

 Please still comment – it means so much. I would be interested to know your thoughts about it all. Have you missed my replies? Does it make a difference to get a reply?

Your blogging friend


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  • I am so glad that you are doing well with your other blog. I also like the objective you have set for yourself in that other blog because with it you are helping a lot of children to be able to write creatively. Keep it up and I am sure everyone will understand why you are spending more time on that important endeavor.

  • I think it’s fantastic that blogging has opened new avenues for you. That is what I call a success story. I think we evolve as we find our way, don’t we?

    I’m a firm advocate of “Your Blog, Your Rules”. You write what you want, when you want. As Jen says, do what you can and don’t let it take over your every waking hour.

  • Aaah dear lady, you never have to apologise… we know you are there and we know you are busy!! And The Head’s Office is wonderful!


  • I know you are supposed to copment on each comment, but I never go back and check. I think you have to just do what you have time for

  • Julia,
    What a wonderful blog! As a former teacher myself, I am impressed with what you are doing. More power to you. Don’t worry about responding to this. I’ll check in from time to time to see what you are doing. Fantastic!

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