I’m on Holiday!

I’m on holiday!

Not a very amazing revelation given it is the summer. It is also not a surprise, you may think, given that hubby and I are both retired but that is where you would be wrong!

When I retired hubby we decided that we would set up a daily routine. This was in part to help me settle after leaving school. Please read Move Over Liberace as it helps explain it.

So we have a ‘working week’. On Mondays we shop, Tuesdays is cleaning upstairs, washing, ironing, Wednesday is picnic day (all those posts about National Trust), Thursday is business day with visits to the bank and Friday is cleaning downstairs. Every day of course I spend hours a short time on twitter and blogging and that makes up the week.

When we are holiday, that usually means we pack a bag and leave the house to go somewhere different. So I never get to be on ‘holiday’ at home. You can read about teacher’s holidays at home here ‘First Day of the Holidays’ where I explain about to-do lists and such like.

I want to sort out the blogs and do some other things PC related but not being ‘on holiday’ has meant that I have nothing on my list crossed off. However, we are going to France on Wednesday and hubby has decreed that Monday and Tuesday will be ‘holiday days’ with no jobs!

I’m really excited! I’ve re-done my list so that it now only the length of half a toilet roll and I’m off!

Do you have holidays at home? How do they differ from your normal routine? 

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  • Since I am a school teacher, I do have lists in the summer: all those lessons, as you had written in another piece, that I didn’t get to during the year. So in that sense I do have a routine. Dapper G is retired and has a routine of sorts. I think when I retire after this coming school year, I will have to have a routine, otherwise my ADHD will kick in!! Enjoy France, Julia!

  • What a great idea. And in the space that is just for you…relax and enjoy. HMSx

  • I like the idea of your “work schedule” at home. Will have to consider something like that myself. As to holiday, oy. . . we don’t get enough, or don’t take enough ~ whatever. Enjoyed your post, and am inspired to come up with my/our own schedule (once I inform hubby).

    • I find it hard when the schools are on ‘holiday’ because when I was working I was on holiday but without ‘holiday days’ I’m never on holiday at home! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  • What a great idea to develop your own routine! I still have “holidays at home,” but I may consider your very wise idea of developing a routine for the days I’m NOT on holiday (which seem to be most days in the summer with college age kids coming and going! 🙂

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