I’m Cross!


“Good morning. It is 7 o’clock on the 7th May. The headlines this morning. The conservative party have won the most seats but do not have enough for an outright majority”

I didn’t expect to be writing a post about the election but somehow I just had to write down my feelings & what are they? I suppose I’m cross. I’m cross that we have been left with a muddle & a mess. After all we’ve been through with the expenses, the banks, the ash cloud. With a month of wall to wall politics on television, radio & even on Twitter. At the end of all that we are no further forward in making progress as a country.

Yesterday felt a little like New Years Eve. Throughout the day the tension building to the event at the end of the night that will bring an opportunity for a fresh start. OH & I celebrated with coffee & cake after we had voted. I went to a meeting & declined a biscuit only to be encouraged to have one as it was a special day.

We settled down to watch as much of the marathon as we were able to. Obviously the beginning was slow while we wait for results to come in but we were occupied with the news that people were unable to vote. How on earth could that happen in the country where people died for women’s suffrage. Comments were flying around Twitter about third world countries helping us to run elections!

The results seemed to be slower than usual in arriving & we gave up the fight around 2am. We woke with a sense of anticipation for the news at 7am & when it came I was cross. The reason I’m cross has nothing to do with whether the party I voted for won. It has to do with the fact that we are faced with a stale mate that will have reverberations around the financial world as well as an unsettling of things here.

How did it happen? Was it a case of people voting tactically rather than choosing who they wanted? Was it caused by the mixed messages coming out from the political parties? Whatever the reason, I suspect we will now have the unpleasant squabbling between the politicians trying to wheel & deal & then the possibility of doing it all again very soon!

Yes, I’m cross!

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  • I suspect it has a lot to do with the overall greyness of the political parties. The mundane sameyness. Whoever gets in is going to have to make unpopulr decisions. The mess is still the same mess and I suspect the choices for sorting it out are very limited. I am cross though – like you. What a waste of time and effort and hope. I’m mostly cross with all those people that didn’t vote – what a difference they could have made.

    • I agree that not using your vote is criminal. It isn’t a way to show your displeasure with the system. Just lets the system win! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  • I am pretty miffed this morning. I feel that people think that voting for anything other than the 2 major parties is a wasted vote. I WANT proportional representation, but the conservative have no intention of political reform. It all scares me now.

  • I completely believe that the “live debates” and the fact that certain newspapers switching allegiance (they should stay neutral IMHO) have left the majority of new and first time voters have ended up very confused.

    Also, these results are going to be blamed on the fact that so many people didn’t actually get to cast their vote, but I’d like to see if those people are first in the queue at the next election (in 6 months?).

    This is society today – a bloody shambles. We need definite policies, promises to be seen through, clearer explanation, less spin, etc for all the people who really don’t understand it all (myself included for some of that). I’ve been trying to explain it all to the next generation of voters (my children) and they are even more confused after this mornings early results.

    • I am really glad that my son is 33 & therefore can make up his own mind. I thinkparents have such a pressured job now with all the rubbish that is around. Thank you for commenting because I know you are busy!

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