Home, lavender & marmite!

So…what would I give Victoria to take with her on the journey of a life time? Obviously, she is going to across some amazing sights, sounds & smells but I think she will need to have some ‘home’ things for those frustrating times.

Top of the list would be a picture of home. The family are returning but not for 9 months. There may be situations when they feel a little homesick & wonder what on earth possessed them to take on such a project. To be able to look at the place that is safe & that they will be coming back to, may help. (Of course, it may have the opposite effect if they are having such a great time so it had better be used with care!)

Next would be a bottle of lavender oil. Its soothing scent can aid sleep, help calm & is good for bites. It also reminds me of England.

I don’t know Victoria well enough to know how this next ‘gift’ will go down. For me, I’d have to pop it into a bag – a jar of Marmite! Comfort food of toast & Marmite always puts a smile on my face. Apologies my dear sheep friend if you are one of the ‘I hate it’ camp.

Your bags will soon be packed to bursting. Everything is ready. You just need to take that first step to your  great adventure and remember – we’ll be here when you get back!

This post is for the thread ‘A Present for Victoria’. Please click the link, post your gifts & visit the other presents!

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