Happy Holidays!

I know the Queen of England does one. So does the Pope from his balcony in Rome. The Archbishop- of Canterbury also does one from the pulpit in Canterbury Cathedral and I’m sure lots of other faith leaders and politicians around the world also do.

What am I talking about? Christmas messages.

Now I’m not setting myself up alongside any of those mentioned but I did want to send a note to all you lovely folks who have made writing this blog worth it. Thank you for visiting and then for taking the time to comment and join in the discussions. It is really appreciated and I do apologize for not always getting back to you as quickly as I should.

For me, this is Christmas time but for some of you it may not be. The picture I am posting was taken in York on Saturday. It is a scene that is familiar all over the world.
Whatever your beliefs, I’m sure would agree that children are our future and we must hope that the New Year will bring more sense and peace to us grown ups so that their world will be a better one.

Do keep visiting and letting me know your thoughts!

L,P & J

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