My dear friend Chris over at Thinly Spreadtagged me a while ago for a meme about what makes me grumpy. I have to admit that some of them make me cross not just grumpy! Here is my list which I’m happy to say was difficult to reach 7!

1. My biggest grumble is about the rudeness of mankind towards their fellows. (There are a few posts around this topic at the moment – a good one at Typecast )Why can’t people say thank you when doors are held open for them? Why, when asking for something, the phrase is now ‘Can I get…’? What happened to ‘Please may I have..’? There is no distinction between ages either. The elderly folk who we often meet on our Wednesday picnics visiting National Trust properties can be really aggressive, especially when armed with a walking stick!

2. As those of you who read my blog will know, we have a bit of a problem with cars & our road.  so the next one on my list is not being able to park outside my house. I pay the council tax so ………………………..

3.The next grumble is also about houses. It concerns curtains. I don’t know what it is about undressed windows but I find it really annoying that people do not hang their curtains correctly. Do they not realise that the rest of us have to look at them!

4. Still in  ‘residential’ mode, another gripe is the way the dustmen refuse operatives throw the recycle boxes around. We are very diligent about trying to follow the rules & put the right thing in the right box. However, the dustmen just throw them across the road when they have emptied them resulting in boxes being smashed & in the wrong place. So much for recycling!

5.  As a blogger, I’m reliant on the PC & then the internet. One of my bug-bears is the slowness of my broadband on occasions. It really makes me grind my teeth at times but I suppose that may be more to do with my impatience than anything else!

6.  I know many of my readers are mums with little ones but another of my grumbles is the thoughtlessness of the Buggy Driver. You take your life in your hands at times walking down the road. The ‘vehicles’ can be as large & as uncontrollable as wheel barrows it seems to me. They are taking up more & more room with all the attachments they now have. You sometimes are surprised that the kitchen sink isn’t unpacked when they stop to feed the little button! I realise that this grumble is of course linked to my first one. It is the driver rather than the contraption I suppose but manufacturers should take a little time to consider the spaces that parents have to manoeuvre in. Perhaps we need ‘L’ plates to indicate driving experience!

7. My final thought is only a tiny grumble really & it is aimed at fellow bloggers! I wish you would all have a facility for people to subscribe via email. I find it so much easier to keep track of your great blogs that way. I forget to look at a reader or feeds! Pretty please!

I am not going to tag anyone with this meme as I know it has done the rounds but if you feel like a rant – you have my permission!

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