Friends, Twitter & SM Love

I don’t know the full story and have only come into towards the end. It is a tragic story but has a ray of hope in it.

Two great friends both wanting to be mums. One has twins and is supported by the other. One of the twins is very poorly but mum is supported by her dear friend and her twitter followers. We had a hash tag to send good wishes and prayers and it worked. The little girl is bonny.

The friend becomes pregnant and is also expecting twins. There is great delight on twitter. The mum decides to get married and her friend is not only her Matron of Honour but also keeps the group of twitter friends happy all day. We went to the wedding virtually and even wore hats for the occasion. Life was good and happy.

The yet-to-be-born twins were not happy though and the friend is told to rest in hospital. Again twitter came to help with lots of tweets to cheer the patient. Unfortunately, the first miracle was not to be repeated. The friend and her twins died.

Twitter grieved and shared their sadness by lighting candles in our respective homes at a given time so that we could unite together for the loss of someone most of us had never met. She touched our lives in such a way that many of us will never forget her. Twitter now needs to be ready to support all those near and dear so that when they are ready to return we can be there for them again.

God bless Kate. We will do our best to support Phil, Harriet and Scott when they are ready.

That is the good part of Twitter.

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