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#POST ALERT contains a discussion about gynecological matters#

Although I’m not in my dotage, I am what would be described as an ‘older’ woman and therefore have gone through all the various stages of gynecological development that there is. I’ve had a couple of miscarriages, a stitch to keep everything in and delivered a beautiful baby boy. I’ve been a nightmare to live with most months for many years and finally have suffered hot flushes at the most inconvenient of times. Now at 63 I had presumed I was finished with ‘all that sort of stuff’.


Those of you who follow me on Face Book may have picked up that back in October I had what I thought was cystitis which then developed into a urinary infection. Mega strength antibiotics sorted it thankfully. However, since coming back from our trip I have not felt myself and it was certainly more than the ‘return to routine’ blues. I’ve also been having some cystitis type symptoms. I say symptoms because they are not there all the time. A friend had recommended a high dose of cranberry tablets as soon as I felt anything untoward so a bottle can always be found in my bag but recently even they have not worked despite being washed down with gallons of water.

I was gradually realizing I needed to visit a doctor although I was really scared what they might say and what my visit might lead to but I eventually went last week. The appointment was with  a male doctor so I took Nick with me. I usually do because he hears what they actually say! Well, I have to tell you ladies that the doctor was brilliant. He knew so much about the gynecological workings of the female. He asked very straight questions, stuck the taper into the specimen I had taken then told me what was wrong with me – estrogen deficiency.

Apparently, the fact that the symptoms of the menopause had disappeared overtime the lack of estrogen was taking a toll on my female parts. This was not comforting as it was linked with age and of course I’m not getting any younger.

He prescribed these little darlings for  just 6 weeks to give my system a kick start then he thought it would a lesser dose for the rest of my life. To be honest I was OK with all that. I could do this!

However having read the leaflet inside the packet, I’m not sure. It is HRT after all and I took myself off that a good few years ago after the breast cancer scares. At the time, I replaced it with soya isoflavins and they certainly made a difference. Of course I stopped taking them when the symptoms went!

I have purchased some more and will be returning to the routine I had when younger. I had no idea that the curse of the menopause goes on forever! Did you? I’m sure there are women feeling rough and generally bleugh who are trying to find a reason for their condition. Trouble with their gyny bits may not come into their thinking.

The bliss of being female!

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