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When I meet up with friends and family, it is a great-big-arms-right-round-the-body-hug.NiveaNothing else will do. For me it shows how I feel about them. How happy I am to be in their company.

I think you can tell a lot from the way a person hugs. It has similarities with the way someone shakes hands. Is it  firm – sending the message ‘ I’m pleased to be in your company’ or very light with the ‘ I’m not sure what I feel’ approach?

Most of us have 5 senses and for me touch is as important as all the others. In fact, there are times in my life when it has been THE most important. Times of sadness, times of celebration, times of despair – all are an excuse for hugs in my book.

I’ve always been a tactile person. Some might refer to it as touchy-feely but that goes nowhere near the impact that touch can have. As a head teacher I would always put my hand on a shoulder or touch the arm of the youngsters, particularly if they were angry or upset. Sadly, in this day and age, you have to be very careful how you touch and the message you send but contact between us is key to being human in my book. Research has shown that whether it is the development of babies or the reassurance of the elderly, touch plays a vital role.

Those clever people at Nivea (they must be clever to have given us all those wonderful softening creams and lotions) have realized that importance of closeness and have Nivea Feeling Closerlaunched their ‘A Million Moments of Closeness’ campaign. They want us all to share our moments of closeness by uploading photos to their Facebook page or joining their manyroadshows up and down the UK where you can take photos to share and be closer than ever! To celebrate their birthday (can you believe they have been in existence for 100 years!) they will be choosing a photo a day to win 100 prizes of £100.

As a girl I had hair long enough to sit on and I loved having it brushed. Even now, I likeNivea Feeling Closernothing better than having my feet massaged with wonderful cream. It so relaxing and can change a bad day to one that is fine. Are you a hugger or are you like my hubby who likes to ‘do smoothing’ but does not like any of it himself?! Pop over to Nivea’s Facebook page and join the debate!

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  • I am in agreement with you, within a Primary environment the children long and need that reassurance that a hug can bring. I know from a male point of view I need to be overly careful and that there is a fine line between what is allowed and acceptable and what goes beyond that. I would describe myself as a touch-feely person and I know that the children I teach would not have warmed to me if I was any difference. I believe that the person’s personality should dictate what they are like in the classroom.

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