I'm not a dog owner but I do like dogs. They have the ability to make us humans think they are listening to us and know exactly what we are saying.

I'm not like hubby who has to pat most dogs if he has the chance but if the dog is around my legs, I will take notice of it.

However, on a visit to St Ives this week, there seemed to be hundreds of them! Most of them were small breeds and many had 'a friend' with them – they travelled in pairs. St Ives is a very small town with wonderful winding narrow streets but not really conducive to the cars that try to navigate them nor the number of dogs on long leads.

Their owners seemed to be oblivious of the space they were taking up and the difficulties they were causing pedestrians. Add a few prams to the mix and the result is quite chaotic!

Is it me?


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  • Oh I was looking for the pictures! I found the traffic and the hoards of people more of a problem than the dogs when I was in St Ives a few years back. It must be deadly at high season like now.

  • Lyn

    No, it’s not you, Julia. It’s the same as when you go to the supermarket and you get two women who stop for a chat in the middle of the aisle with their shopping trolleys blocking the way so you can’t bet past on either side. I say we need to bring our own trollies up to ramming speed 😀

  • No, it is definitely not you. There are just many, many, many more inconsiderate, selfish people in the world now days. Or maybe they are just that stupid! I’ve always loved dogs, but I’ve never let mine stop and use the bathroom in someone else’s yard. That’s the problem we have in my neighborhood. People take their dogs out for a walk, and instead of making them find a place in their own yard for their toilet, they deliberately let them go into someone else’s front yard — where they have to walk — and do their business. I’m to the place that anytime I see someone doing that — whether it’s my yard or not — I stop and yell at them. And I’m pretty blunt. But two of my neighbors have a good idea. They have threatened to go pick up the pile and carry it back to those people’s yards and put it right on their front porch. I hope they do.

  • I don’t mind dogs but am more into cats and no, it I not you. These people are definitely courtesy-challenged (is there such a saying?).

  • no, it’s not you. It’s selfish minded people who do not consider others. It’s all about them.

  • I love them for their faithfullness

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