Over at Mama Kat’s one of the prompts for the writing workshop caught my eye. It was ‘Choose a word that encompasses 2010 and describe why. What word will you choose as your theme for 2011?’

Immediately, the word for 2010 was ‘Anticipation’!

Anticipate -

My DS announced his engagement at Christmas in 2009 with the wedding date set a year later on 19th December 2010 so right from the off we were in wedding mode!  Plans for losing weight were obviously at the top of the resolution list but as you can read here, me & New Year resolutions do not go together!

Being the Mother of the Groom, I wanted guests to be amazed that the gorgeous woman who claimed to be the groom’s mother was the age she was, so a regime of exercise was planned. Needless to say, no-one was surprised!

What to wear took up quite a lot of thought. Had I ever anticipated the day my son would marry? Did I have a picture in my head? I’m of the generation who can remember the generation of big hats, floaty dresses & stilettos. I can admit to changing the whole outfit twice (anyone want to buy a dress or some chiffon trousers?) & week before the event had to buy lower shoes after slipping & hurting my knee! I was really cross about that as I had been practicing wearing the high heels for months!

There were other anticipatory things through the year (well I did manage to squeeze other things in -just!). I started two blogs & spent quite a bit of time working on them & wondering if anyone would read them. While in Edinburgh (see here)I had the chance to meet Alexander McCall Smith
& I can tell you the few hours before-hand were really full of excited anticipation.

Having left headship  in July 2008 I am still a newbie in this retirement lark so 2010 had some hopes of new directions, friendships & adventures. Overall, they came to fruition. I’m still not sure where I’m going but it is certainly fun!

As for 2011 well…! I’m not comfortable with odd numbers & somehow 2011 doesn’t slide off the tongue easily. However, after last year I’m going to make sure that there is action. I have proved to myself that there is still life in the old girl & that there are lots of opportunities out there. Rather than looking & anticipating, I’m going to ‘DO’!

Now pop over to Kat’s place & read some more Writing Workshop entries!

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