Do you look around?

You know how there are gender things? Things that boys like & girls don’t & visa versa? Well in our house it seems to have become a bit muddled! Take cars for instance. Normally a boy reserve. However, my darling OH has no interest in cars other than if they get him from A to B.

When we met I have to admit that I was quite impressed when he said he was a computer analyst. In those days the computer industry was held in high esteem with salaries to match (not that I was after the money of course!). He was due to come & pick me up so I imagined the type of car I thought he would be bound to drive. Something sporty maybe. A nice Peugeot or Renault? It would certainly be better than the clapped out Cortina I was driving I was certain. Imagine my disappointment when he arrived in a really ‘seen better days’ Marina!

Since then we have changed the car several times, even buying ourselves a brand new one. He is a little more interested but not so that you would notice really. However, where his passion (!) lies is in comparing car insurance qoutes!

He used to work for a large insurance company & the discount we got meant it was not worth the effort to look elsewhere. Now that we are retired though, it does pay to look around. I suppose it is also part of his OCD to make sure he has IT (whatever IT is) absolutely right!

What’s it like in your house? Do you look around each renewal date or stick to what you know?

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  • I used to be like your husband, but generally i don’t have time now. Before i started working again i would have had to search high and low as money was short, but when it’s not quite such a problem time is more precious than a few quid saved here or there.


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