Dear Mum…..

This is my entry for Kat’s Writing Workshop at Mamas Losing it.  I have chosen prompt 1   ‘Dear Mommy and/or Daddy…(write a letter to yourself from one of your children)’.Do pop over & read the other entries!


Dear Mum,

Thanks for all those photos you gave us. Gosh they go right through my childhood don’t they? Carly is going to do something fabulous with them for the wedding but you’ll ge the em back of course!

Those pictures & my up-coming 34th birthday have, for some reason, made me rather reflective. I suppose it is partly to do with having to clear some space & finding old school books & memories. Found a programme of South Pacific. Do you remember the time I was stage manager? God, I felt awful – well I suppose pneumonia will do that to you! You were a bit cross that I carried on but I could see that you were also quite proud of me.

You & Pops spent so much time ‘watching’ me didn’t you? What with the drama stuff, there was also the cricket. You must have spent hundreds of pounds on petrol, ferrying me around to matches. I like to think you enjoyed those summer afternoons, sitting in that oh so English scene. I always felt glad that you were there to see me just in case I had a fabulous innings or got loads of wickets! My cricketing career wasn’t bad though was it? Most seasons produced a reasonable scorecard.

Looking through all this stuff, I suppose it’s not really surprising that I followed in your footsteps as far as a career went. I do remember all those hours you spent writing essays for college then how you panicked when you had to stay late at school for meetings once you became a teacher.  It’s funny how people think being a deputy or, in your case head teacher, is easier than being in the classroom but it isn’t is it? I still love the job though. Maybe next year I’ll go for NPQH & try for a headship of my own.

Anyway, better stop now. Need to get some tea sorted & start to think about the new school year!

See you soon!

Love you!xxx

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