How to celebrate 65 years!

Posting grandma's card

A birthday is a special occasion because it marks your arrival into the world and your continued place in it. It is the way you can pause and assess how you are doing. Although there are millions of people celebrating the same day, it is very special so I’m sharing how to celebrate 65 years in a series of posts.

For me, my 65th was quite a milestone. It is the ‘move to another box’ birthday. You know when you have to fill out your age on forms, 65 is another box and usually the last because it says 65+!

Anyway, enough of this maudlin talk! What a birthday is full of is cards, cake and love!

Posting grandma's card

You may remember this post about the death of a young man who left a wife and two young girls ‘He went to sleep and didn’t wake up’ We have ‘adopted’ the girls and Skype with them as well as keeping with their adventures via mum on Facebook. Well, you can imagine my delight when she posted this picture with the text

Posting Julia’s birthday card through the snail guard on the post box. It stops the snails eating the post, they like the glue apparently!

I was thrilled and let her know that it had made me cry! Do you blame me?


Well, we were away for my birthday so it was lovely to return to this gorgeous card, specially altered for my unusual status.

How to celebrate 65 years!


Inside, as befits the ‘daughters’ of the founder of 100 Word Challenge a weekly writing project for young people, you can see that both Pearl and Iris are going to be authors soon! There’s even a portrait of me!

How to celebrate 65 years!


So there you have it! Card and love. All that is missing is the cake and that was provided by the owner of Alimo, a Moroccan restaurant in Whitstable. It consists of a slice of baklava and pear and of course a candle. 

How to celebrate 65 years!

Now that is how to celebrate 65 years!


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