Big pants!

I have never thought of myself as following fashion trends. As a girl I always felt too large to wear mini skirts, much to my father’s delight, although looking at old photos the hemlines were quite high.

When it comes to underwear, I have always looked with envy at those matching sets of lace and silk, sometimes thinking it would be a shame to cover them up with clothes! Well, it would appear that my approach of practical and sensible lingerie has now come into it’s own. Big pants are in!

The Huffington Post has declared that the popularity in  ‘Granny Pants’ could lead to a better approach to beauty. Now, I’m not happy about the terminology here and the examples in this article are not what I would consider to be the underwear choice of my grandmother but do feel good that maybe sense can prevail with what constitutes beauty even if it is only what lies beneath.

Big is BEST (1)

My mother always told me to make sure my underwear was clean in case I got run over by a bus! If that were to be the case, would you want to be a fashion leader or victim?

photo credit: IMG_1386 via photopin (license)

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