Be proud of your Twitter!

I love Wednesdays! It is the day when OH & I usually go out on a picnic somewhere. It is the day that we have a slower than usual start so it allows me to sit with a cuppa & look at the entries for the  Gallery over at Sticky Fingers.

I have got a good process sorted. I upload my entry & then make a start clicking on the other entries already posted. I read them, comment (can’t see the point of reading & not commenting!), copy the URL then look for their twitter id.

Now I’m aware that not everyone who posts on the Gallery has a twitter account but most do. I’m a firm believer that we should support each other. Not only in reading & commenting on blogs but also by promoting them. For me that means tweeting them.

So…imagine my frustration when I can’t find their twitter id! I try to search for them using my best detective skills to try to fathom out what it might be from the blog name or details. I have to own up – sometimes I get fed up & give up!!

I’m happy to click the twitter label but what would be fab is for twitter names to be clear & easy to find! So, this is a plea from someone who wants to support your blog – please help by being proud of your twitter!

(Many thanks to @vwallop & @jennypaulin for taking immediate action!)

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