Back wash? Hog wash!

On Tuesday I published a post about a great sadness that many on twitter shared. Folks commented and tweeted that it helped to know that we were sharing in this emotion.

Last night, whilst many of us were watching the amazing opening of the Paralympic Games and seeing incredible talents of disabled people, it unravelled that the story behind the sadness was fake. I do not know what is true from the story beyond there is a person and that person has created this life and story in such a masterly way that many of us have been duped.

Some have not only given emotion to it but have parted with some money. My feelings were of astonishment then anger that I could have been tricked in this way. Unlike others, I did not see the signs of possible cracks in the story. Maybe that was because I could not accept that such tragedy could be made up by a human being. After all it involved life, death and children.

Many on twitter expressed their unease about who to trust and how you can check that all followers are ‘real’.  To them I say – you can’t. Maybe this episode has taught us not to be quite so trusting but Twitter did respond in the best of ways. We thought someone was in crisis and gave them support. That is one reason why I am a tweep and whyy I will continue on Twitter.

Many of the people affected are educators and parents. We may well have come across a child who makes up ‘whopping stories’ who would have been told that it was not the thing to do. If the stories continued we would help them because we know that Billy Liar and Walter Mitty’s lives were not a happy ones.

So maybe that is how we move on. We think about the soul who felt the need to fabricate such an intricate web of deceit. That is where the problem lies and perhaps they deserve our pity not anger.

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