Anxious – need a jigsaw

Anxious - need a jig saw

Today is a jigsaw day.

Not because it is pouring with rain and the sky is dark although Noah would be welcome at the moment.
No, it’s a jigsaw day because I’m feeling anxious.
No, I can’t tell you why I’m anxious or what I’m anxious about. I’m just anxious.
This means I need to force myself to focus. I can’t focus on work so I can’t blog or write a paper on governance or cook a fancy meal or at times, meet with friends.
I need to envelope myself in something safe. Something that is just for me that won’t be judged by anyone else.
I need the colours and shapes and the feeling that I am in control as the picture emerges and the puzzle grows piece by piece.
Later, I may feel better. Who knows. Who knows what the trigger might be to lift this darkness.
Tomorrow is a new day and who knows…

…but today is a jigsaw day.

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Feature image credit: Puzzled via photopin (license)

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