Another Award!

Earlier in the week I shared with you my delight at being given an award from fellow bloggers. Awards of any sort are lovely to get but from your peers it is even more special. In that post about the Versatile Award, I mentioned being given second accolade.

This is the Liebster Blog award and it is for ‘up and coming blogs’. Well I’m not sure if I’m one of those but my blog is growing thanks to you kind reader. This was given to me by Dory Bertsche over at ‘If I were Brave’  She has set herself the daunting challenge of doing something brave each day. Do pop oiver and give her some support in this very brave challenge.

As a recipient, I have to nominate other blogs that I enjoy that are also fairly new in building their readership. Oh so many to choose from but I have whittled it down to these 5:

  • My Life In Contradictions  This is a new blog for me and you really should go and read some of the things that Sarah gets up to!
  • Marketing to Milk  This is the blog of my dear virtual friend Henrietta. She has a wonderful way with words – sometimes sharp, sometimes soft but always a great read!
  • Making It Up  This is the space where the lovely Jax shares her life with us. Her blog has all sorts of things to whet the appetite!
  • Hello It’s Gemma  In case you didn’t realize Gemma writes this great blog. She has so many interests and as well as stories about her family and travel, she can be a bit controversial as well!

I do hope you will go and visit my nominations because I can guareentee that they will become favourites. I also hope that they will accept the award, post the badge proudly on their blogs and suggest five more folks for us to enjoy.

In the meantime, I shall sit back and do some basking!! (That’s as in glory not as a whale although ….!)

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