A Very Special Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is always a special day in the calendar for us mums. Being the mother of a son who does not live round the corner has meant that some Mother’s Days we have not been together but a card, a call and some flowers always bring us together.

This year however we were going to meet half way for lunch. So I got on my best bib and tucker and off we went. It is always super to get together with DS and my daughter-in-law and being Mother’s Day I felt very special. They had bought me gifts – beautiful roses, some lovely posh bubbles and body lotion and a box of truffles that have magic paper around the box that you plant to grow flowers! These presents together with a card with jewels on it made me a very happy bunny.

Then I was given another card and gift. This is the inside:

Can you see the ‘Coming Soon’? That goes with the message on the front that says ‘To a Special Grandma (and hand written) …to be’

Yes I’m going to be a grandma in October! With any luck little one will arrive on our wedding anniversary.

Now how special was that Mother’s Day?!! Squeee! 

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