Wonderful resources to support mental health teaching!

In her latest newsletter packed with goodies to support mental health teaching and support, Dr Pooky Knightsmith ends with

With best wishes to you all and a great big thank you with a cherry on top for the huge amounts of hard work you are doing to support children and young people.  You make a difference every day.   

You do make a difference so read on to find out what resources are available!
In-set news
First things first, a lot of people have been enquiring about the possibility of September INSET – this is absolutely something CWMT can help with.  We are happy to provide free mental health training to suit your requirements so don’t hesitate to make an enquiry via our form or by emailing izzi.dent@cwmt.org. (We can book further ahead too of course)
I’ve got some great resources to share with you all today. I hope you find them useful.
Mental Health Teaching Resources:
Supporting Young People who Self-Harm: Help Sheets
These info sheets address all the questions I’m most frequently asked please use & share. Feel free to upload them to your own site.
4 Strategies for Getting Through Panic Attacks and How to Help a Friend
7 Simple Ways to Calm Anxious Thoughts and Feelings
Six things to consider when looking for a therapist
Implementing a Youth Mental Health & Wellbeing programme in your school
Clare Erasmus is the newly appointed Mental Health Lead at Magna Carta School.  She has been kind enough to agree to share her journey through a series of regular blog posts.  Please take time to read, support and question.
Post 1: Getting started
Post 2: Developing the infrastructure
Post 3: Listening to staff and student voices re mental health
Post 4: Start at the Top with Staff Mental Health & Wellbeing
Capita Mental Health in Schools Conference Slides and Useful Links
Following my presentations about overcoming barriers to supporting mental health in schools and implementing effective peer mentoring.  Here you can access my slides and useful related links.
Reports, Guidance and Research:
New report published on Suicide by Children and Young People in England
‘Mind and Body’ – Early intervention for young people at risk of self-harm
Self-harm interventions in schools, Tina Rae article in Education and Health Journal
Lightning Review: Access to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, May 2016
NSPCC report: How safe are our children? UK Child Protection Overview 2016

Jessica Kingsley Publishing have put together catalogues of their pastoral education, mental health and wellbeing books so you can see them all in one place.
Book catalogue for those working with under 11s
Book catalogue for those working with over 11s
Quote Y16 to get a 10% discount.
If you’d like to place an order of 20 or more books in any combination, I can negotiate an author discount for you – email pooky@cwmt.org.
Books I’ve recently highlighted and uploaded previews of to the blog include:
How to be a Superhero called Self-Control by Lauren Brukner
Aimed at children aged 4 and above and focuses on the power of imagination to combat overpowering emotional and physical dysregulative feelings, through the use of creative and powerful strategies that utilise mindfulness, deep breathing, and grounding physical exercises.
Being Me (And Loving It) by Julia Hague and Naomi Richards
A unique resource for educators and parents of children aged 5-11 to instil confidence and resilience across a range of topics such as a lack of body confidence, low self-esteem, friendship issues, bullying, social media and peer pressure.
Pretend Friends by Alice Hoyle
Can be used to help explore visual and auditory hallucinations often associated with conditions such as Schizophrenia.
Horny and Hormonal: Young People, Sex and the Anxieties of Sexuality by Nick Luxmoore
Describes and explains young people’s many anxieties about sex and sexuality and suggests ways of working supportively to diminish those anxieties.
Participate in Research:
Research Call: teachers with an interest in mental health
Lucas is a PhD student we fund – he’d love an hour of your time to find out how best we can support schools in promoting pupil mental health
Research Call: Mothers of Daughters aged 8 to 15
UCL are looking for mothers to participate in a study about eating disorders.  They are looking for mothers either with an eating disorder history or with no history or mental health issues.
Research Study: seeking 18-23 year olds to share their experience of therapy
City University London study seeking people now aged 18-23 to share their experience of therapy received at age 16-18.
I hope there was something helpful in here for you.  Colleagues can sign up here if you think they’d benefit from my mailings.  I’m working on a couple of exciting projects including a free schools mental health conference which I’m hoping to hold in Durham in November and a free to join mental health book club which where you’d be able to receive a free book once a term and access exciting extras like lesson plans and an author Q&A.  Watch this space!  I’ve also finally submitted the manuscript for ‘The Healthy Coping Colouring Book and Journal’ which I hope will be a fun and informative positive coping tool for 8-14 year olds – out in December.
Mental health resources

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