Things at Broomhill

Following my post ‘Characters at Broomhill’, here are some things to show you. Not a very glamorous title but they are such an eclectic collection, ‘things’ seems the best description to use.

As I have mentioned, Broomhill Sculpture Garden sits ina wooded valley so visitors wander around and then come across sculptures nestled in the trees. There is no logic to their placement as far as I could see and that was what made it such an interesting visit.

Here we have a chain rope made of wood, a basket horse, bronze dog among other things. (click picture to enlarge)

I also posted a sculpture that took me straight back to my childhood in this Silent Sunday post.

We discovered that you also had to look up to check what art had been placed in the trees. This bolder, previously shown over at Relentless Optimism


Once again, which sculpture took your eye? As you can see, the red shoe was great fun and just needed a face in there to complete the picture!

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