The magic of Murrayfield Hotel

As you will know, we recently stayed at the Murrayfield Hotel and House (Making a cup of coffee). I promised I would share more of this amazing place.

Here in this selection you can see the size of the room and the wonderful design of it. Just look at that arrangement above the bed. As the room was so big, we were able to have a sleeping area and a sitting area. There was even wine glasses and an ice bucket if you wanted to entertain!

The refreshments consisted of a fully equipped fridge with all sort of goodies. including spirits, nuts and chocolate. There was also the usual tea and coffee but then you would know about that from the earlier post. The bathroom not only had a bath and separate shower but also his and hers sinks! Not sure I’m a fan of this design as they don’t hold a great deal of water especially if like hubby you like to splash!

The mirror as you will see was HUGE and it held a secret – that was where the television was housed. It did feel odd sitting down and looking at yourself to then looked into the mirror at the programme. You’ll see a quirky bin that was situated in the bathroom and the little wooden box on the wall housed a miniature bottle of scotch for him and luxury chocolates for her. Even the view from the window made a statement as it look out onto the small garden which had two stone settees and a standard lamp.

It was a great experience that took us the first day to get used to and discover all the interesting features. We should have know it was going to be different. After all, look at the welcome committee on each floor. Nick referred to them as ‘The Lads’ and made sure he said good morning and good night. After all they did look fierce even without legs!

We had a great time and now know what to expect if it says ‘Boutique Hotel’. Have any of you stayed in a similar place where the room has all sorts of very different features?

This is not a sponsored post. We had a wonderful time and I wanted to share!

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