The Great Globe

As regular readers will know hubby and I have been round the world. We had the opportunity to see just what that meant when we visited the Great Globe at Durlston Country Park during our Dorset visit.

It is made of Portland stone and weighs in around 40 tonnes with a diameter of 3 metres. It was made in 1887 by George Burt, who  was a local stonemason and a partner in the Mowlem construction company. The sphere was built in Greenwich then shipped by sea to stand at Durlston Head.Its surface is carved in detail and lettered to show the continents, oceans and certain more specific areas of the world.  Around the Globe is a set of stone plaques carved with quotations from English and Roman poets and the Bible, as well as facts about the natural world.

For me it was a chance to walk my trip, wonder at the enormity of the Pacific ocean and see just how far from home we were!

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