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The Broomhill National Sculpture Prize is an annual competition set up by the Broomhill Art and Sculpture Foundation to provide an exciting challenge for new and emerging UK based sculptors.’

The prize is £15000 but as in all of these competition it is the publicity and expose that the winning artist can get that is most prized. When we visited we made our choices. We didn’t take a photograph of all entries but if you click each picture it will take you to the blurb of each plus details of the other entries.

Which gets your choice?

While you slept I was alone in my eternity
DSCF4847 Salten SkovDSCF4857
Copy of DSCF4851

The Gateway
Copy of DSCF4855Now these last 2 are not part of this years short list but I had to share them with you. This small exhibition by Mike Roles is called ‘Welcome to the Third Millenium’. It is a very stark, graphic project that does not suit everyone. Hubby found it very disturbing. I wanted to use this as a prompt for 100WC but he felt it was too dark. What do you think?

I used another of Mike Roles pieces for 100wc for grown ups Week#151 so have a look at that piece. Do you prefer that one?

Copy of DSCF4838

Finally, this trio ‘The Lads’ as hubby named them were not part of this year’s competition but was a finalist in 2013. The piece is called ‘Familiar’

DSCF4858Do click each other the photos to get the blurb from the artists and further links to their work.

Now, which is your favourite?

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