Sculpture at Villandry

This post is in praise of my dear virtual friend Gilly over at Lucid Gypsy. She often posts visits to gardens, towns and museums sharing what she has seen.

You will remember that we went to France this summer and if you are a regular visitor you will know that I love Villandry in the Loire valley. It is the place where they create wonderful gardens from vegetables and tell amazing stories of Elizabethan times with flowers.

This year we found something different – sculpture!

The bronze pieces were all designed by Marine d’Harcourt who graduated from Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 1988. She is the only artist to ever have the honour of showing her work in the gardens.

They were positioned in the fairly new Sun Garden. As you would expect it is designed with the rays of the sun in mind and her sculptures have been placed at the end of each arm.

The exhibition has the title of ‘Made of love and bronze’. None of the pieces has a title or an explanation. Marine explains that words are not needed when we look at her work which is of ‘human bodies in harmony and unison’

Although each piece was at the end of a path, hubby has taken some across the flowers to show some of their beauty too. This is the one garden at Villandry that has a wild, almost unkempt feel to it.

On her website, which shows more of her work, she explains:

Tenderness in the conflagration,
the reflection in ecstasy,
the embrace with enthusiasm,
my sculptures speak of man,
of what drives or prevents,
what connects or beyond.
join hands, reach toward the sky,
open to the mystery, the secret of life.
Fully present to themselves,
in the fervor of the embrace or prayer,
the body is loosened, take place, s ‘fly away,
leaving exult wonder, praise,
unspeakable joy …
Being and knowing in a mixture of joy and gratitude …

Certainly when you view them, you do feel so much passion and emotion. Villandry Artistic Season I wonder what one of my most favourite places in the world will offer me next time I visit?



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