POSH Peterborough!

Earlier in the week we went to Peterborough which is in Cambridgeshire. The reason for our visit was to watch Gillingham play football (isn’t it often the case Dear Reader?)

We didn’t get there until after 5pm so we only had a brief visit of the town area. They have a wonderful Norman cathedral which is huge! It takes the name of three saints, Peter, Paul and Andrew but is known by St Peter’s. It had already closed when we arrived so only a shot of the front to share.

Om the other side of the cathedral close was an interesting take on the town fountain and needless to say it had attracted some children who were racing in and out to try to jump the water before the sprays.

The folks of Peterborough are obviously proud of their city as there are flowers down the streets as well as gardens around the cathedral. Now as it was a visit for football, I thought I should share some of the experience. You can see the crowds beginning their route to the ground across a very picturesque bridge. The boat on the left is actually a Chinese restaurant!

Next we have the throng meeting up before going into the turnstiles. As it was an evening kick off we were going to treat ourselves to a burger. Those regular readers will know about hubby’s problems with high cholesterol and although it is all sorted, we do try to be good but have these occasional treats. Unfortunately, the snack bar didn’t have any so we had to make do with a pasty which really didn’t deserve to share the same name as though delicious eats in Cornwall!

The teams come out to very stirring music and a guard of honour provided by a local school. I’m sure those children will remember this evening. Most football teams have a mascot and for the Posh, it is this handsome rabbit. No idea why!

Finally, I share a shot with the floodlights. The steward told me off for taking this as ‘you are not allowed to reproduce any of the play’. Well, as it was Peterborough’s goal keeper with very little to do, I didn’t think it mattered!

It was a dismal game from the Gills point of view. We lost 2-0 and it could have been more. However, we did go home with a smile on our faces. Like the mascot, most clubs run a half time draw, with proceeds going to the club as well as some to the winner. I like to buy a ticket as it does help funds so it was great to hear our number and to collect £150!

As for their nickname ‘The Posh’ it originates apparently from 1921 when the manager announced he was looking for players for his new ‘posh’ team!

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