We’ve been to see Paddington. No, not the station! The film about the bear from darkest Peru and it was wonderful.

I never read the stories as a child or as a parent to a young child when my son was small but I know they are very popular. It was definitely a ‘feel good’ movie with several scenes where my sudden in-take of breath indicated danger for Paddington. The actors were well chosen and I would love to know how they got that bear to look so real!

Being retired we can go to the cinema during the day and that is a very different experience to queuing at night. For a start, we are usually the only ones there. We shared the theatre with another retired couple this time and we discussed our reviews as we came out. We are quite selective with the films we want to see on the big screen so don’t go to our local Showcase often so as it is a ‘treat’ we have coffee and of course some sweets.

As the film had a PG certificate, the adverts and  trailers beforehand were all aimed at children. I felt sorry for those parents who would have been inundated with requests for yet more trips out from their film-going children.

We hadn’t realised  a film  had been made about Michael Bond’s most famous hero. Our connection to it came via ‘the Paddingtons’ in London. You will remember the Books About Town sculptures we saw earlier in the year; benches like folded back books with designs to depict book titles. Well, there were trails of Paddingtons for you to track.

As with the benches, famous folk had put their names to them. Among them Ant and Dec, Boris Johnson, David Beckham and Nicole Kidman who appears in the film.

I wonder if they were concerned that the film would not be the box-office hit that it has been? At the time of writing, it has been nominated for a BAFTA in the category for Best British film!

So, which is your favourite?

This is not a sponsored post. We just had a good time!

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