Over-night in Sidmouth

Hubby is not an impulsive person but when he suggested an over-night stay in Sidmouth, I was there with my bag packed!

We have stayed at the Royal York and Faulkner Hotel on the seafront a few times before ‘Sid’ 

photo (9)

Our room was the bay on the right above the balconies so we had a wonderful view of the sea in front. Among the sites the next morning was a team of two boats with rowers really pulling hard against the tide and then the lifeboat went out, clearly on a practice run as there was no sense of urgency – thank goodness!

The whole coastline around this area of Devon is known as the Jurassic Coast and is a natural World Heritage site. The amazing rocks, cliffs and interaction with the sea does make it a place that should be on everyone’s bucket list!

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  • Looks like a lovely place for an overnight stay. I live in Australia 100 km south of Sydney. There are some beautiful places in our area too, great for a day’s visit! 🙂 When we drive a bit further away, we too like to stay overnight somewhere. Peter and I have lived on a pension for quite a few years now, but still like to travel, especially to places where our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren live. A few times we travelled as far as Berlin, Germany. We migrated to Australia from Germany in 1959 but still have siblings and friends in Berlin and other parts of Germany.

  • A lovely, peaceful harbor in the midst of such a rugged coastline. No wonder you were quick to pack your bag!

  • I know the Royal York, such a quaint place trapped in time! Sidders is one of my favourite places so I’m glad you like it too. Have you ever been in Folk festival week?

  • How gorgeous Julia. Lucky you xxxx

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