Our day trip to the Dales

We recently went to Leeds to visit Phil, a friend of hubby’s. Phil has featured several times on this blog as he is the Leeds connection for the annual Fleet Tour when my husband together with school friends go to Leeds for the week-end and play football. Well that is what they are supposed to be doing!

You can see Phil here in 2010. He is the older looking gentleman and is now 78 (It’s sport Jim ). He had a rough time healthwise last year and Nick likes to keep an eye on him. He is due to move house soon so we thought a trip up would do is all good. Phil is a Yorkshire man through and through and proud of it. As it was a beautiful winter’s day he took us on a tour of the Dales.

The area is used to visitors and caters well for walkers and those interested in the country side.

Next stop was Tarnfield Park. This is a wonderous spot for anyone who loves nature, wild life and winter! There is such beauty in reeds and waves and birds huddling from the cold.

Even in the cold you got a feeling of what this park would be .like in the summer months with it’s bandstand all ready to entertain. These chaps were certainly getting in some practice for all those picnickers!

2015/01/img_2807.jpgWe certainly had a wonderful day. Very bracing, reminding us what being alive can feel like. Thanks Phil! Good luck with the move and we’ll see you soon!



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