My truly amazing birthday adventure pt.3


Do you return to places time and time again? We are creatures of habit and for part 3 of my truly amazing birthday adventure we went to one of my favourite National Trust venues – Stourhead

No matter what the weather Stourhead provides a sanctuary within a good walk with so much to see, be it exploring the 18th century mansion, gazing in wonder at the restored Pantheon or just soaking in the acres of gardens and woodland.

Flora, fauna and fungi


My truly amazing birthday adventure pt.3

We were definitely in the latter category for this trip so with stoat shoes and our macs on we set off to walk the estate. Remember it was January but there was colour and interesting sights along the paths.

We saw snowdrops proudly reaching from the earth whilst hydrangeas along the water’s edge looked like their days were numbered but still held a beauty.


My truly amazing birthday adventure pt.3

Nature’s wonders

Then we came across what I can only describe as Nature’s Wonders. Just look at those beautiful fungi growing on a felled tree trunk whilst the roots have completely destroyed the bank that holds the trees they belong to. Such artistry from Mother Nature.

My truly amazing birthday adventure pt.3



As for this little chap, he was talking to us as he waddled from the lake up the bank. Things clearly were distressing him as he was having a real grumble!



Physical beauties

Stourhead has some iconic sights that are known the world over. There is one area that I always have to visit mainly because it scares me! It’s the Grotto and it’d dark, dank and spooky!

My truly amazing birthday adventure pt.3

The Grotto


As you can see from the entrance it is in a very wet area and even at the height of summer as you venture through the tunnel there is water on the floor. Mid-way through you come to a wonderful ‘window’ that has been formed in the rocks and you can see right across to the famous bridge. The delight for me though is the statue at the end. It is the old man of the sea Neptune himself. Such an amazing setting it is worth my nerves to get there.


The end of my truly amazing birthday adventure

Of course for such a trip, it has to end with cake and we had a great choice in the super restaurant that the National Trust has developed at the top of the estate. Even on an over cast drizzly day in January, Stourhead still makes me feel good. It gives me a good walk, reminds me of the wonders of nature and makes me consider the foresight of owners past and present to continue to upkeep this jewel in the NT crown.

A very well-packed birthday trip I’m sure you’ll agree. It was worth getting a year older to go on it!

Where do you go back to for some good vibes?


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