My truly amazing birthday adventure pt.1!

Why am I sharing my truly amazing birthday adventure? Well, when you get to my age it is amazing when surprising things happen. This is the first in a series sharing my birthday antics last week and we start at cross

Market town

Set in Dorset this market town has a lovely feel to it. With shops like Phase Eight, Fat Face and Viyella you might think that it is very similar to so many other towns. The difference is that there are still family shops like butchers and bakers and the cafes can genuinely claim their ‘home- baked’ cakes label.

The Abbey

Sherborne Abbey is a delight. Although their QuinQuennial repairs were taking place it didn’t disturb our visit. We were able to see work bering done on the mosaics behind the alter. I presume the big silver disk was to provide light without the damaging effect that electric light could have.


Cleaning mosaic


The Bosses

They have a wonderful contraption that you can wheel down the aisle so that you can see the bosses. Now, if you are a regular here you’ll know my passion with bosses (York in all her Glory and Hidden Wonders ). Having a moving mirror that allowed me to see all of the fan vaulting was fabulous.

















The Abbey is at the centre of town and stands proudly welcoming it’s visitors whether they are sheltering from the miserable January weather, come to view the last resting place of Ethelbald and Ethelbert brothers of Alfred the Great or just resting to take in the splendour of thirteen centuries of history and faith.

Sherborne Abbey

After tasting some of that delicious home-made cake, we made our way to the next part of my birthday trip which took us to deepest Dorset!

Watch this space for part 2 of my truly amazing birthday adventure

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