More of those sculptures

More from the wonderful exhibition ‘Crucible 2’ in Gloucester Cathedral. This amazing sight greets visitors as you cross Cathedral Green.  I immediately named it ‘The Wedding Couple’ but the artist Lynn Chadwick, (who probably knows better than me!) has given it the title of ‘Jubilee IV’

DSCF4782As I explained in ‘Crucible 2’ all the space of the cathedral is used so it well worth a walk around the outside to see what else is there.

This couple may be watching my wedding guests arrive! Another from Lynn Chadwick


 Back inside for some more pieces.

This looked liked intestines when you approached it from the rear! I do find the names of the pieces interesting so was wondering what the author had in mind. I was really surprised when I realised it was  a person! It does look like they have been made from a balloon though because you can see the knot in the top of their head!


 It is by Sarah Lucas and was one of 3 pieces. In the blurb about the exhibition it says that Sarah ‘…employs bawdy euphemisms and disturbing ambiguity in provocative depictions of the human form.’

Keeping the theme of people going, this is fascinating! It is called ‘ Let there be space in your togetherness’ by Sue Freeborough


One that some of you may not like is ‘Stripped to the bone’ another from David Mach who opened the previous post ‘Crucible 2’

DSCF4800My final share is ‘The World gone Pear-Shaped’ by Deborah van der Beek. Much of her work focuses on ecological concerns and ‘the ravages of humanity on the world’.


Which would you say had an impact with you? Which did you NOT like?

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