Last Week I Learnt That …#38

  • Jet lag is not just about losing sleep. I had no idea that the effects of travelling across the world would result in me feeling grumpy, tired and generally low for so long after I got back to England. I knew we had lost sleep so expected to be tired but all the other symptoms were quite a surprise. We will ‘get ready’ for it next time!
  • The journey back is shorter than the one going. I had my suspicions that this was the case but it has now been proved conclusively. Going to America takes an hour longer than the journey back!
  • Recounting a holiday focuses you on the bits that you really enjoyed. When thinking about our recent trip I can list out all the things we did but it is in talking to others that those visits that really made an impact come to the fore. They have that extra bit of passion in the telling of the story.
  • The United Nations is an amazing organization. I will be writing more fully about our visit but I was truly astonished not only with the work the organization does but the power that it could wield. More later.
  • Being thanked by a boss is very pleasant. As regular readers know I’ve had an unhappy time with some of my governance work recently. This week I was thanked by someone high up in the LA for my work. That was a nice thing to receive.
  • Men are hopeless at getting better. What is it with men that stops them being proactive when they are poorly. I can’t believe that the ‘just give it time and it will pass’ approach ever gets you anywhere. Whether it is having a nasty cold or feeling blue, men much prefer to extend the recovery time by doing nothing. Makes me cross!
  • The foot-prints of the towers of the World Trade Centre that were destroyed on 11th September 2001 are remarkably small. Both areas have been turned into pools of water but when I saw them I was struck by how small the space was given the height they were. It is down to great engineering that more devastation was not caused when the towers came down. Thankfully they did not fall sideways, meaning some of the surrounding buildings were saved.

Some more reflections of New York plus a poorly hubby. How was your week while I was away?

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  • I can’t wait to hear more about your trip I bet you have some amazing photos up your sleeve for us. Hope Hubby is feeling better now 😉

  • Yes, but tail winds don’t explain driving out to the vet’s in the country is ALWAYS further out than coming back … I never undersand this phenomenon.

  • Re time over versus time back: it’s all about the tail winds, which blow from west to east. Going from New York to California can take roughly an hour longer than the reverse direction. It’s 3,000 miles also. We always found jet lag much worse going east to west.
    Kanerva is right about the one hour one day “rule.” In the olden days when I first went to Europe, going by ship was the norm. Planes were for rich people only. And going by ship, lo and behold, it works out to one hour each day (or night). By the time we got to England, time was normalized.

    Sorry about husband being poorly. But as for the way he is when he’s poorly — men, especially husbands, are like that! You could try leaving him alone — 😉

  • Kanerva

    Jetlag is one modern day curse! It’s always better to travel ‘with the sun’, thus our trip down-under means at least 2 days that are just totally written off. Return to Europe is a breeze. Rule of thumb is to allow one day per hour of time difference to get ‘normal’. Unless you are a young child: our son wasn’t really affected until ages 9 – 10.

    Sick men are the same the world over 🙂 I hope his recovery is rapid!

    Love NY, haven’t been to the UN yet, next trip is a long way, something to look forward too. Can’t wait to hear more!

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