Last Week I Learnt That …#32

  • Corporal Jones is alive and well. For those who don’t know or remember – Corporal Jones was a character in ‘Dad’s Army’ a TV sit-com about the home guard during the war. Corporal Jones would come out with the phrase ‘Don’t panic’ just when things did need addressing. In variably he would run around a bit whilst saying it. We have had a lot of that this week over the possible petrol strike. Queues of cars at petrol stations using petrol to get petrol (if you see what I mean!). Ridiculous!
  • Spring has clearly arrived because I saw lambs ‘gamboling’ in the fields when we were in Norfolk. I think that is such an apt word to describe lambs at this time of year.
  • Hayfever does not recognize the calendar. Can you imagine – still March and I had to buy hay fever tablets! I just couldn’t stop sneezing and had that awful cotton-wool head that it clearly wasn’t a cold. It’s going to cost me a fortune this year to keep it at bay if it is this early. Mind you, does that mean the season will be finished sooner?
  • It’s not human rubbish – it’s a swan! Now how could I get those two muddled you might think. Well, we were passing a lovely village pond – a picture postcard scene. As I looked I saw what looked like two white, large plastic bags floating on the surface. The thought of ‘how could someone do that’ went through my head. Suddenly, the ‘bags’ disappeared and were replaced by swans. They had been upside down in the manner of Kenneth Grahame’s ‘ All Along the Backwater’  from Wind in the Willows!
  • Being older has its merits (I think!) Now that I have moved into another age band I get all sorts of things to keep me healthy. The latest is to the opportunity to have my bowels checked for cancer. Apparently they will send me a kit!! It is voluntary and I’m sure there are lots who will not send a sample in but I think if it is there, take advantage and not worry.
  • Panic can bring out the creative side in folks. As mentioned above we have had the panic about running out of petrol this week. Advice changed from ‘store some’ to ‘don’t store it’. A discussion on the radio pointed out that farmers would have problems running tractors but would not come into the essential services bracket if things got tight. Imagine my delight when I saw a landrover at a garage with a trailer attached on which was – you guessed it – a tractor!!

So, there was petrol, panic Spring and swans. What did your week consist of?

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