Last Week I Learnt That…#27

  • I get very excited when I see my name in print! I wrote a piece a while ago and forgot all about it but was delighted when I was sent an electronic version of it. Do go and read it ‘I’m in Print!’
  • Acne has to visit you at sometime in your life! I was very lucky as a teenager and didn’t see that explosion of spots and other unpleasant items on my face. However over the past week they have appeared! How embarrassing is that? Folks expect and accept them in your teens but at 60…!!
  • Being 60 gets you discounts. I had my first experience of this when we visited Salisbury Cathedral. It said ‘Concessions’ on the list of prices so we asked and sure enough, now I’m 60, I’m a concession. You can imagine the sort of comment hubby made whilst handing over ‘not quite so much money’ can’t you? There is an assumption out there, mainly among folks who are under 60, that we sexagenarian get all sorts of freebies, offers and money off. However, that is not the case. Some of them have now been withdrawn and others are means tested so it was good to find one that applied to me.
  • I didn’t realize I had so many stereotypical ideas. It really hit me when I had a wonderful, wonderful Skype session with a school in Abju, Nigeria. I had looked at the school website so knew that it was an African school with African teachers and children. That was my first surprise. Whilst talking to the principal (who is also the owner and a member of Team100WC) I asked her how the children come to school. I seemed to be surprised when she said that their parents bring them in their cars. I wonder how I thought they got there?!!
  • The middle of the night changes you. That sounds rather mysterious but what I mean is during the day, I am able to organize my thoughts. I can plan the work that I want to do, together with jobs and chores. I am in control of things in my head. Come the night (well the middle if the night) and I become this wreck who just panics about everything to the point that it stops me sleeping and gives me a headache. Thankfully, once I’m up things go back to normal but of course I’m tired and haven’t the chance to go to sleep!

A thoughtful week for me. How was yours?

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  • Dermatologist explained to me that acne does come/come back in later years. This seemed unfair to me, on which he had no comment!
    Congrats on being in print, enjoy the sensation!

  • Yeah, I haven’t figured out the thing about acne either. What with that?

    I’m over 65 and found out that Tim Horton’s and MacDonald’s have ‘senior’ coffee prices but usually they offer a small size. Because these are franchises, however, not all of them are equal. Some do not give any discount. I went back to nightschool and get a 50% discount. Now THAT adds up.

  • I can share your embarrassment at acne appearing later in life – I have now started esxperiencing bumps I never had as a teenager & I’m 56!
    My husband (who is 62) has been milking his senior’s discount for all it’s worth. He loves getting a bit of money off whenever he can! But you’re right – some places have now moved their discounts backwards to 65 to compensate for the downturn in the economy so you have to stay on top of them & ask.

  • CONGRATULATIONS on being in print. I’m also in the sixties and I know what you mean.


  • Well done Julia I’ve read it and think its great. You must be very proud to have inspired so many young people. I’m particularly interested to read that you have a school connection with Nigeria and that the challenge takes place there. Millions of children in Africa do walk miles to get to school and some do get taken by car but they are the privileged minority. An excellent post 🙂

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