Last Week I Learnt That…#10

  • In this very difficult financial situation, local communities are helping each other. We have been on a short break and it was great to visit small towns and big villages and to see all the shops thriving. They weren’t the usual chains but small independent traders doing their best in the circumstances. It was clear that everyone down the High Street was there to pitch in when a colleague was having a tough time. Yes, there was competition but it was not so cut throat as to cause anyone to go under.
  • Men are far less tolerant of the cost of convenience! My husband refused to go into a toilet that asked for 20p from both men and women!Last Week I Learnt That...#10
  • Whilst away, we visited Berwick-on-Tweed. Hubby’s football knowledge told me they were the only English team playing in a Scottish league. We were interested to hear the accents in the town.  Would they be Scots or English? Most of them were nearer a Geordie sound to be honest!
  • If I need to get some sleep, just put me in a car and take me for a drive for an hour or so. For some reason, as soon as those wheels turn, my eyes close and I’m off in both senses!
  • I love going on holiday and find it hard to come back but once I’m back the cases HAVE to be unpacked straight away. I don’t know why, but perhaps it is my systems way of drawing a line under the holiday.
  • I cannot abide hot food being served on cold plates. I have always known that this was a ‘thing’ for me as a cook. I would never not heat plates through before serving. I found myself getting really cross when a waitress brought my meal using a tea towel as protection against the heat of the plate, only to find the said plate was cold!! I wanted to send it back but then realized that whilst the plate was being warmed, the food would be getting cold!
Did you get away over the holidays? What tales have you to tell of your past week?

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