Irish Odyssey – Part 2

Our journey from the east to west coast of Ireland gave us our first taste of a very good road system. We weren’t sure if an ‘M’ meant motorway or just major but they were fast and in most cases fairly traffic free.

Lunch was taken in Athlone which really did feel like a town struggling with the down turn as well as the weather, which had taken a turn for the wet. We were very grateful to be able to close our eyes for half an hour or so as the lack of sleep on the ferry and the early arrival was catching up on us. A detour round Loch Ley brought us back to the oncoming European elections with masses of posters

Our first view of Kinvara was a ‘wow’ moment that was completely unexpected. We rounded the corner and there was Castle Dunguaire. The weather was misty which gave it all an ethereal feel.

DSCF4220 Our hotel with the biggest thatched roof in Ireland was a great place to base our stay for the first part of our trip. There was something comforting about the quirks of the place such as wifi only working from one particular chair in the lounge and rooms not being made up by 4pm on one day (is this Irish time ?). The girl was very grateful when we just asked for some more milk and coffee!

DSCF4232It soon felt like home though and as with the rest of this country, the welcome we were given and the hospitality we received was brilliant. On this first evening, Catherine, one of the two contacts for this visit took us out for supper. The food was delicious and the setting was amazing. Right on the edge of the harbour, looking over the castle.

photo (12)

As you can see, the weather brought a glow to our cheeks and I was very pleased to have found an old mac in the back of the car!

Our visit was to be full of welcomes, weather and wonder!

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