In the footsteps of Dr Dolittle

Despite me coughing and Nick sneezing, we decided to get back into the routine of a Wednesday picnic and we drove to Castle Coombe. It is a very picturesque village on the very edge of the Cotwolds.

It’s claim to fame, apart from it’s beauty and nearby motor circuit is that it was part of the location filming for  Dr Dolittle 1967.

The Manor House Hotel is a grand place to stay as you can see. Even in the rain it has a grandeur to wonder at.

Are these chairs ready, just in case the rain stops I wonder?
This amazing contraption is a face less clock that was originally housed in the tower of the church. It only showed the hours as the field hands didn’t need any other information about the time.
Altogether, a lovely start to our 2014 picnics!

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