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Warner Leisure Garden Lodges

Warner Leisure garden lodgesSleeping under canvas was never something I was interested in doing, even as a youngster. The  thought of the hard ground, the cold over night and the possibility of animals trying to share my sleeping bag really put me off.

As a teenager, my parents would hire a caravan for a week for our annual holiday and that was fun but as I’ve aged, my requirements for accommodation have moved to hotels. However, during a recent trip to BodeIwyddan Castle, I have recently been introduced to Garden Lodges. Although we didn’t stay, we were able to view a lodge which is so much more than just a room.



Plenty of space

 I hate having to squeeze past the bed when the room really isn’t big enough for the king size bed but here there was plenty of space here. There is also a separate lounge area with a settee and armchair. Both rooms have a television and are tastefully decorated with a Welsh craft theme to them. Between them, a very smart bathroom with a shower and some decent toiletries. You can tell the sort of holiday guest I am!


Elegant landscaping


Warner Leisure garden lodgesFor those lodges that are situated on the ground floor, there is a private patio area. If you go for one of the upper-level lodges you will have a balcony. One of the impressive elements was the landscaping around the buildings so if you are sitting out, you will have gardens and ponds to look out on.

Each lodge has it’s own designated parking space near by and there is a covered walkway from the lodges to the main area of the campus. 


As I said, we weren’t staying, but if you wanted something a little different then a Garden Lodge maybe worth considering. 

What are your accommodation preferences? 


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