Dyrham Park

Dyrham Park is a National Trust property just outside Bath. It is a wondrous place and has lots to interest ALL members of the family.  You enter the site at the top of a hill and either get the courtesy bus or walk down the long road way towards the house. The view is spectacular as you can amble down the road or make your way across the grass and soft rolling hill.

If you are really lucky, you will encounter deer grazing with seemingly not a care in the world. It is very peaceful even when there are lots of visitors around. However, returning visitors will find things a little different this year as there is extensive conservation work being undertaken on the roof.

Dyrham Park Roof

Dyrham Park Roof

It is now possible to tour the works being done as a walk-way has been erected across the roof. That would give an amazing view as well as an up-to-date review of the progress of this immense project.

Walking around to the back of the house, you come across some more formal gardens as well as a wonderful stroll to the nearby church.

As with all National Trust properties, Dyrham Park caters for children both in the house as they explore the life of those who have lived in this 17th century mansion and outside where they can examine the bee hives set among the trees. Then there are the woods where they can find a variety of sculptures that have been made using fallen trees.

Dyrham Park

You will see from the feature image that this was a picnic day for us. Thankfully not wet like these. As it has been the holiday season here in the UK, have you ventured out recently? Where did you go? I’d love to know! 




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  • I remember visiting Churchill Gardens in Southend and wishing I could stay on in the UK forever only for the sheer beauty of them! I love how beautifully your gardens are created and maintained.

  • travelwithmrst

    I love day trips. I’m currently living in the Netherlands, and recently had relatives visiting us. We took a variety of day trips all around the Netherlands over the past 6 days–The Hague, Scheveningen, Rotterdam, Delft, and Giethoorn,as well as one to Antwerp, Belgium. Today, I’m enjoying a walk-free day!!

    • Doing a lot of sight seeing can be exhausting but friends visiting often means you see things on your door step that you had never considered before. Enjoy the feet-up time!

  • Nice post Julia, like the pics, we had a nice day out at Kenilworth Castle and Gardens last weekend, a great place that is almost on our doorstep and it was our first visit, terible really when you think we have lived here for 25 years

  • Diana Bensted

    Sounds lovely, I trained as a teacher in Bath, stayed for 4 years, but never visited here.

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