Did you know it’s not all pasties in Falmouth?

Falmouth marina

Falmouth marina



Cornwall is in the bottom left-hand corner of the British Isles and Falmouth is nearly at the end. It hosts a wonderful marina, castle and the National Maritime Museum. It also has some fantastic eateries and unusual pubs!



National Maritime Museum

You may be surprised that a relatively small town like Falmouth would house a ‘national’ anything. However, the marina, harbour and nautical feel to the town emphasise  this is an ideal home for the maritime museum. 

There are hundreds of boats exhibited here, some famous craft that were used during Olympic games in the Medal Winners Hall of Fame as well as displays explaining how water boats are constructed. There is even a workshop with boat builders working on various projects.


Maritime Museum


Owl & the pussycat at NMMCAt the moment, there is a wonderful exhibition about Vikings and how they travelled and the influence they
had on the lives of us here on our little island. You know you are in for something different when you are greeted by the Owl and the Pussycat as you enter the building. 

This sculpture was made by a local artist with the help- of local children during a successful half term where children could explore Edward Lear’s famous nonsense poem. 


Panoramic Falmouth

The view at the top of the maritime museum is well worth the climb up the stairs. For those unable to there is a lift but I’m on a fitness kick so went by foot. It is not until you get to thew top that you realise just how vast the marina is and how in days past it must have been a really bustling and thriving port. 


Falmouth marina


There is more to Falmouth than water. Here you see an interesting sculpture of the determination to be dominant of the birds that you can see, a ‘smiling’ fountain and an enterprising fish and chip show owner using bronze fish to help you find your way to his delicious produce!





Did I mention a castle? You’ll have to come back for that one!


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